Challenges Facing The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system has come under scrutiny for failing to perform its role, which is the rehabilitation of offenders. This is unfortunate considering that the justice system of in any country needs to be based on the core values of redemption, fairness, and rehabilitation. Nonetheless, the current system has been overstretched to the extent that it has failed to expediently meet its objectives. The following are some of the major challenges facing the criminal justice system.

Inaccurate Forensic Science

It has been established that the justice system is outdated besides not being consistent with advances in technology. In todays digital age, forensic science plays a crucial role as far as criminal convictions are concerned. It can play a crucial role in disapproving unintended or false scientific errors that often arise from expert testimonies. Cases of innocent people being jailed no longer make news headlines. In most of these cases, junk science involving falsified or inaccurate expert testimony is usually involved. Such errors can be pinpointed if the criminal justice system wholesomely adopts modern technology.

Winding Appeals Processes

Appeals typically focus on issues that were brought to light during the trial period. This process rarely focuses on whether the accused are guilty or innocent. In serious cases involving death penalties, noteworthy evidence of innocence sometimes comes to light. Nonetheless, the justice system bars courts from hearing such evidence. This explains why many people have constantly expressed their frustration and dissatisfaction with the justice system. The trial process is equally slow, something that also slows down executions. Nonetheless, it is the appeals process that condemns many innocent men and women to jail terms that they do not deserve in the first place.

Police Misconduct

In as much as law enforcement officers are required to use the powers bestowed upon them judiciously, some of them end up engaging in wanton acts of abuse and brutality. In as much as these officers of the law are often under a lot of pressure, they need to exercise moderation in their actions since they are the ones who develop the initial crime theory that is thereafter forwarded to the courts. Arresting the wrong people and pinning false evidence of them ends up being a challenge to the justice system. If you are involved in any sort of police misconduct and want to know your options and rights, The Bail Pros, a Charlotte, NC bail bonds company has devoted themselves to helping everyone understand the laws and arrests. Check them out!

Inadequate Access to Legal Counsel

Access to competent legal representation goes a long way in determining the type of punishment that will be meted out on the accused persons. While some accused persons are lucky enough to be represented by excellent lawyers, not everyone has this privilege because obviously, hiring a lawyer is costly. Attorneys who are appointed by courts to represent accused persons are often overstretched and may not even have the competence to handle certain cases. The situation is largely blamed on the justice system, which has failed to provide enough lawyers to offer representation to offenders who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers. This has been one of the reasons why many people are clamoring for reform.